Reminder: Only One Worship Service at 10:15AM starting 5/26


Christ the King Church is committed to helping you develop a whole-hearted love for God and others. We want you to grow in personal holiness and spiritual maturity to better serve the body of Christ. We also want to help you face the many challenges of life in ways that honor Christ as Lord.


Pastors and leaders at Christ the King Church are trainined to provide this care. We also partner with the 1520 Coalition, who provides soulcare at an affordable cost. Biblical counseling affirms the sufficiency of scripture and the necessity of gospel transformation. The Bible is the counselor’s main tool. The Holy Spirit imparts gifts to the counselor to guide and give hope through the Scripture. Using the Scripture in counseling requires understanding your problems from a biblical perspective and then applying step-by-step biblical solutions to those problems. Hope can be found and change can be accomplished as the Word of God is ministered in the power and working of the Holy Spirit.


To learn more about the 1520 Coalition, please visit their website here.

If you would like to apply, please complete this form. The form may take as long as an hour to complete, but it does not need to finished in one session. You may request financial assistance from CTK at the end of the form; your request will be considered according to our benevolence policies.